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Die besten Bilder

Ich begann zu bloggen und jetzt habe ich ein Konto bei Stock Footage bekam. Hier gibt es eine Menge von ähnlichen Bildern zur Auswahl, die Sie verwenden können. Und es sind wirklich alle Arten von Bildern. Ich versuche, für alle möglichen seltsamen Fragen suchen, um zu sehen, ob sie ein Bild von Passform und bisher habe ich noch nicht einen einzigen Kategorie, die nicht da ist noch ein Bild gefunden. Es hilft sehr viel für mich. Jetzt kann ich einen Text und ein paar Worte, ein Bild, das sich perfekt, ohne jede Hektik produzieren zu schreiben.

Mehr menschen

Stock Footage ist ein konzept, das immer mehr geworden ist mir vertraut vor kurzem. In der Tat, begann ich die erstellung von webseiten und benötigt eine menge bilder, weil ich den einsatz von stock footage, die ich für sehr glatt zu machen. Arbeiten mit filmmaterial ist ziemlich neu für mich, aber ich lerne schnell. Es gibt viele gute kurse, wie man den besten gebrauch von stock footage und dergleichen, dass zu machen. Stock footage ist einfach das beste, was mir passiert, wenn ich daran denke. Mehr menschen sollten nutzen stock footage. 


On my work are we working with a project about digital signage. It is a way to inform a lot of people about the information you want to share with you customers or visitors. We want to sell this product and to let the market know we have this we are organizing a day to show everything what is possible. I have to take care of the catering that day. And today I will shop the beverage and the food. I am familiar with making food for a lot of people and because this is the cheapest way we decide ...

Modern things

I'm very happy with modern technology like internet tv, normal interactive tv, online streaming services and so. It makes it so much nicer to relax and enjoy nice movies! I mainly use those things when I'm tired and don't want to think about my worries. Just choosing a movie and play it without the annoying commercial breaks is great and I don't even need to leave the house for it! Modern technology has its drawbacks, for sure, but things like this really make my quality of life better. More things like this can be developed!


We saw this cute little hotel down the road as we past by it on our way to France. My husband thought it was a nice moment to stop our journey and stay for the night there. Although I would have loved to continue our journey I agreed because we were a bit tired after driving for ten hours. We checked in and went up to the room. We were happy to see they had video on demand. We searched for a nice feel good movie and sat down for a while untill we got hungry and went to the ...

Easy planning

When I was with my sister in the netherlands last week I saw how she and also her daughters used the video on demand service they have in their tv subscriptions since a short time. It's really good and it also surprised me how easy to use it was, especially for the kids. I'm pretty sure that, once we'll have this available here, I'll take a subscription as well as I saw it makes your live a lot easier. No more stress because the kids want to see the end of a movie, no more difficult planning because they want ...


I just saw on the news that books are becoming less popular while ebooks are becoming more popular. Book publishers have to get used to this and adapt. Modern technologies like ebooks, video on demand, interactive tv and internet radio and tv are becoming normal in many households. I like these things, for instance ebooks enable me to travel light with a complete bookshelf in my purse, but without paying for the overweight. My husband is even only reading ebooks and no paper ones at all anymore.

She missed her flight.

My sister in law called us to tell us that she missed her flight to Amsterdam. She was in London for the weekend and we think she enjoyed it so much there that she wanted to stay a little bit longer and therefor she missed her flight. She called us to ask if we could book another flight for her two days later. She could not do that herself because she did not had some money. We also had to pay her hotel for two more nights. We asked her why she did not want to take the next plain ...

In a hotel.

Because my son had to play hockey in a town about 200 kilometers away we decided to stay in a hotel for the weekend which is close to the ice hall. My other son is not playing ice hockey and he can be bored of just watching all those games. Now he can stay in the hotel and watch the hotel tv. Of course I go to look after him about every hour and we had some lunch together. After the morning I decided to go for a long walk with him and we had such a good time with ...

Nice holiday

We went on holiday to Austria. It was a ski holiday, so wintersport was the main goal. But of course when you're done with skiing for the day you want to relax. Our hotel room had a tv, but apparently this hotel tv had quite a limited channel set. There we only three channels, all austrian and a snowy channel that seemed like a german one. It didn't really matter as we were with a big group of people and there was plenty to talk about. Everyone had brought some magazines as well, so we read more than we'd normally ...